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<![CDATA[Cursos de verano UAM 2018]]> Cursos de verano de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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<![CDATA[Curso "Theoretical & Practical On Predesign Of Solar Thermal Power Plants. Key Aspects and Two Case Studies"]]> The general objective of this course is the training to facilitate addressing the Basic Design of Solar Thermal Power Plants (STPP).

To address this general objective:

  1. the key elements that determine the operation and performance of the STP will be reviewed,
  2. the methodologies and tools to address the pre-design of STPP will be introduced,

finally, with the objective to fix the learning , the basic design of STPP will be addressed, one based on Parabolic Trough Collectors and the other based on Central Receiver on Tower technology

E-mail: er.ma.bt@ciemat.es

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