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International Summer Language School

Give your C.V. a boost, learn a second or third language

International Summer Language School

The intensive language course offers 20 – 25 hours of classroom time a week complimented by excursions to museums, local markets, nearby sights, theaters and other venues.  

Students have the opportunity to use Spanish in real settings, and meet other Spanish university students at language exchange happenings or any of the numerous social events on campus.  

Since culture is the cornerstone of Study Abroad at UAM, language is always taught through culture with an emphasis on intercultural development.


  • Beginner level: Module I.I 
  • Intermediate levels: Module I.II and Module I.III
  • Advanced levels: Module II.I, Module II.II and Module II.III


*All students will take a placement test to assure they are placed into the appropriate level.


Dates for 2018

Module I

Module II

Cultural Activities


May 28th – June 15th


Module I.I

A2.1 – A2.2

Module II.I

B1.2 – B2.1


Visit the Prado Museum.

Visit the Retiro Park.


June 18th – July 6th

Module I.II

A2.2 – B1.1

Module II.II

B2.1 – B2.2


Visit the neighborhood of La Latina.

Visit the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.



July 9nd – July 27th



Module I.III

B1.1 – B1.2


Module II.III


Visit the Monasterio de El Escorial.




Absolute Beginner


Cultural Activities.

August 27th – September 7th

A1.1 – A1.2

A2.1 – A2.2


Visit a traditional market in Madrid.

Walking tour of Historic Madrid.



Fee: 940€ per 3-week module

Head Start Fee: 625€        


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